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What are hidden fees?
What are hidden fees?

Fees are the enemy of your performance! Finary highlight these, often misunderstood fees, for you!

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Why is it so important to reduce your fees?

Reducing your fees, is the easiest way to increase your performance. This is why we have launched this unique feature!

Some will say: "My fees are high but my performance is high as well!". You should know that the only performance that matters is the stock performance compared to its index (also called benchmark). Most stocks underperform their indexes on 20 years or more. You then pay a performance lower than the market.

The solution? Change your allocation towards ETFs aka cheap funds that are indexed on the market.

How can I analyze my fees in Finary?

The Insights feature in Finary allows you to analyze your fees.

You can access it on our website:

  1. Go to the Insights page

  2. Click on See more at the bottom of the fee section

  3. You are now on the fee analyse feature

ℹ️ You can now also access it in our mobile app in the Insights tab!

Understanding my fees

ℹ️ We only analyze your funds (mutualized and ETFs) that you hold on several accounts. We don't take into account account fees or management fees that can be billed on top of it by brokers or insurers. Please know that brokers always have management fees and your fee level is always higher than what we display.

Here is the main information that you can find in this feature:

  • Fee amount that you pay every year. These fees are directly debited on your funds, they are very discrete. You won't receive a bill for them.

  • The % of fees compared to the sum of funds that you hold. A correct fee level is around 0.5% per year.

  • The theoretical amount that you will lose in fees over 30 years. This amount accelerates every year because of the compounding interests principle. In other words: 0.65% per year become 16.05% of your total performance in 30 years... If you fees are around 2.5%, almost 50% of your performance will be lowered by fees.

  • The fee level by fund. You will be able to do some reallocation based on this information.

  • The yearly amount of fees for each fund

Some funds are missing in my analysis, what can I do?

It can happen! Write to us at [email protected] and we will add them to your fee database!

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