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Keeping track of your dividends
Keeping track of your dividends

Finary gives you your dividends for Stocks, ETFs, Funds and more

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Dividends are an easy and effortless way to generate passive income. Finary allows you to track several types of dividends automatically. This feature is reserved for Finary Plus members.

Which investments do you show dividends on?

Thanks to our database of over 100,000 listed and unlisted assets in Europe, the USA and Asia, we can track dividends from all over the world.

Stocks & Funds

  • Stocks

  • ETF (Distributing)

  • Mutual funds

Good to know: we consider that you have received a dividend if you had the position on Finary before the dividend detachment date. If you connected your account after this date, we cannot know whether you held the position when the dividend was detached.

Capitalizing ETFs reinvest dividends in the unit value, so they are not displayed in your dividend calendar.


Which investments are eligible for SCPI dividends?

  • Fully-owned SCPI

    • if you have indicated a purchase date, we display the dividends associated with your units, taking into account the purchase date and the SCPI's dividend entitlement period.

    • If you have not indicated a purchase date, we display the dividends associated with your SCPI units as long as they are on Finary on the dividend detachment date (as for Shares & Funds).

  • SCPI bare ownership

    • we will only display dividends if the purchase date is indicated and the dismemberment period you have indicated is over.

Dividends shown for SCPIs are gross. In some cases, you may have to pay tax on them. This will depend on the type of holding (direct or via life insurance).

Upcoming Dividends

There are two types of upcoming dividends:

Forecasted dividend

Our algorithm estimates that the company or fund is likely to pay a dividend. The date and amount are therefore an estimate, and may differ from reality.

We change a dividend from projected to confirmed as soon as the company has publicly confirmed it. We update the amount and payment date at that time.

Announced dividend

The company has officially confirmed the amount and date of the dividend. The date displayed for payment is the payment date.

We do not take into account the ex-dividend date which determines whether you are entitled to a coupon, as we do not know the purchase date. We therefore assume that you are entitled to the dividend for each open position.

We always display gross dividends. The broker may levy taxes such as the French flat tax, or foreign levies. This means that you may receive a different amount from your broker.

Past dividends

Past dividends are confirmed dividends with a date in the past. This calendar starts on the day you register with Finary. We do not reconstruct your dividend history prior to this date.

There's an error in my dividends

If any of your dividends are missing, or if any amounts are incorrect, please share your feedback with us. Please provide the following information:

  • Asset name

  • ISIN (if shares, ETFs or funds)

  • Nature of error

  • Screenshot of the problem

The Finary team will get back to you as soon as possible to solve the problem.

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