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I linked an institution via Powens but some accounts are missing
I linked an institution via Powens but some accounts are missing

Manage your linked accounts when the institution is linked by Powens

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When you connect a bank or financial institution through Powens, you have the option to choose which accounts you want to sync.

Access the list of accounts connected via Powens

  1. Go to your account settings, then to Synchronized accounts (direct link if you are on the webapp)

  2. Select the desired institution

  3. Select Edit

  4. If the connection is done via Powens, you will be redirected to their interface. Select again the institution for which you wish to add/modify the accounts displayed

  5. Follow the instructions below

All of my accounts are listed

  1. Make sure the ones you would like to synchronize are checked

  2. Uncheck the other ones

  3. Your accounts will be synchronized soon

Some accounts are missing

The "Connect more accounts" is displayed

  1. Click the button to add the missing account

  2. Follow the instructions. The bank might need an additional authentication.

  3. Confirm by clicking Finish.

  4. All accounts will be updated soon.

I don't see the "Connect more accounts" button

This means that this account is not currently available for synchronization. Either Powens does not support this type of account, or there is a temporary problem on the platform. We invite you to add this one manually.

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