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Link my Revolut account

Link Revolut accounts to Finary (via Powens)

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Are you a Revolut customer? Follow the guide to add your assets to Finary.

Supported Accounts

Checking accounts and savings accounts (Vaults)

Use the integration offered by our partner Powens. This will synchronise your current accounts and savings accounts from the Revolut API.

Simply select "Revolut” in the search

⚠️ Interest-bearing vaults are not supported (see below)

Revolut Business professional accounts

For your business accounts, select "Revolut" in the search.

Unsupported accounts

Interest-serving Vaults

Revolut does not provide information associated with interest-bearing savings accounts on its API. Powens therefore cannot collect their data. You would therefore have to add them manually in the "Savings accounts" category.

Stocks & Cryptos

These assets are not made available by Revolut on its API either. To allow you to sync your stocks and cryptos purchased via Revolut, we had created a specific integration called Revolut Trading.

However, for the past few months, Revolut has prevented your accounts from syncing. The Revolut Trading integration therefore had to be disabled.

We continue to explore options for you to sync your accounts. In the meantime, we advise you to switch to manual tracking.

Known issues when connecting

Identity verification via email

When connecting Revolut, Revolut may ask you to confirm your identity by email (more information in this help article). This process is not possible from the mobile application and we therefore invite you:

  • either link Revolut from Finary's web version;

  • or pick another confirmation method (push notification);

  • or verify your identity in advance on the Revolut website (as indicated in the help article mentioned above)

Synchronizing a Revolut account outside the European Union

In some cases, during the login process, Revolut displays the following message:

This may impact users who are Revolut customers in countries where Revolut does not allow you to grant Powens the permissions to link your accounts.

Synchronizing an “inactive” account

If you make an account "Inactive" on the Revolut side, it cannot be synchronized because Revolut will not make its balance available on its API:

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