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I can't connect an account via Powens
I can't connect an account via Powens

Overview of some of the most common situations.

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Wrong password

Are you sure you entered the right password? That may seem a no-brainer, but it is the number one reason most logins fail. If your credentials are incorrect, Powens will display this window.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Getting your accounts protected is a great idea with Two-Factor Authentication, so you should enable it. You will need to verify your account connection on Finary if it is enabled. You can validate your account via SMS, on your bank website, or in the app. Every institution has a different method. Here are the most common situations:

BNP or Hello Bank: remember to activate the Digital Key in the app.

Revolut: receiving a 6 digit code by SMS

N26: receive a 6 digit code by SMS

You have to accept conditions on your account

If you see a message indicating that an action is required to perform this operation, you must go to your customer area of the institution to accept an update. These are usually new terms and conditions or space updates. Once you have accepted these conditions, you can return to Finary to log into the account.

Resource is not available

The resource is currently unavailable for login. This may be due to maintenance, a bug on the Powens side or a bug on the bank side. Contact us via the chat so that we can look into the exact cause of the problem.

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