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Share your Finary portfolio
Share your Finary portfolio
Learn more about our portfolio sharing feature.
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You can now share your portfolio in a few clicks with your friends, family, banker, financial advisors, etc.

ℹ️ The feature is only available on the web version for now.

To start sharing

  1. Click on this link:

  2. You will get to the Portfolio Sharing section of your account

  3. Click on the Share button

Choose which assets you would like to share

You can decide which assets you would like to share via this link:

Hide values

You can decide to hide the quantities and values of your assets if you want to share your allocations only::

To do this, simply select Hide quantities and values from the Sharing options menu

Restrict access to your data

Your data is anonymized by default. You can also create a sharing code which will be mandatory to access the shared portfolio:

Manage all your sharing links

You can easily remove any link you have created if you want to cut off access to your portfolio. This can be done at any time and will be effective immediately.

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