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Manage my Finary account's default currency
Manage my Finary account's default currency

Select in which currency your assets and loans are tracked.

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Finary allows you to manage your assets in different currencies.

To allow a clear tracking of your assets, a specific currency is set for your entire Finary account. This is what will be used on your dashboard and everywhere on your Finary interface.

💡 For loans and certain types of assets, for example the Real Estate category, the currency is not requested upon addition. Thus, the new asset will be added in the currency of your Finary account. If you would like to add an asset or a loan in another currency, all you have to do is change your Finary account's currency temporarily while you add it.

How to edit my account's currency?

Web version

Select your default currency in the dropdown menu:

Once the currency is selected, it is saved (as shown by the green checkmark):

L'affichage de vos actifs se fera désormais dans la devise choisie. Vous pouvez changer la devise à tout moment.

Mobile app

  • Go to the settings menu

  • Select My Account

  • Select Currency

  • Pick your currency from the drop-down menu

  • The modification is saved

Which currencies are available?

We currently manage the following currencies:

  • 🇪🇺 EUR

  • 🇺🇸 USD

  • 🇨🇭 CHF

  • 🇬🇧 GBP

  • 🇸🇬 SGD

  • 🇨🇦 CAD

  • ₿ - BTC (membres Finary Plus)

  • Ξ - ETH (membres Finary Plus)

Would you like to see other currencies on Finary? Write to us at [email protected] to request them.

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