Synchronize my eToro account

This article explains what to know if you have issues connecting/synchronizing eToro (2FA or login via Google/Facebook)

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Connect your eToro account

You can, from the search function on mobile or on the web version, add an eToro account:

The connection is done in two steps:

  1. we will ask you for the email address and password associated with your eToro account

  2. you will need to indicate the 2-factor authentication code (2FA) provided by eToro

I don't have a password for eToro

If you created your eToro account through an third-party authentication partner (Google, Facebook, etc.), your account may not have a password. You can then set up a password on your eToro account, which will allow you to connect your eToro account to Finary.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to eToro's website, login, and then open your account settings:

    eToro account settings

  2. In the "Password" section, you will be able to set or change your password:

    Set a password

  3. To connect your account on Finary, you can now use the email address associated with your external provider (Google, Facebook etc.), as well as your newly set password:

A 2FA code is requested but I don't receive it

If you have installed the eToro app on a smartphone, and you do not receive a 2FA code, eToro may attempt to send the 2FA code via a notification to your phone instead of an SMS.

Make sure you have authorized notifications for the eToro application before launching the code request: if notifications are deactivated (this may be the case by default), you will not receive the code. You would need to authorize notifications and then restart the procedure to obtain the 2FA code. So, you should normally receive the code via a notification from the eToro mobile app.

My eToro connection won't synchronise

eToro is one of the institutions that require a strong authentication so that your positions can be synchronized. You can sync the account manually, and you will need to enter the 2FA code (see above).

To find out more, check this article.

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