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Link my Interactive Brokers account
Link my Interactive Brokers account
Connecting your IB account is super easy thanks to our direct integration
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On mobile

  1. Select the + button at the bottom right of the screen

  2. Select "Investment Acct."

  3. Search for "Interactive Brokers"

  4. Select "Synchronize".

  5. Once redirected to Interactive Brokers enter your credentials

  6. You're all set! In a few minutes your account will be synchronized.

How to sync your IB account on the Finary mobile app

On desktop

  1. Click on the "+" sign in the top right of your dashboard. Click on "Investment accounts".

  2. Search for "Interactive Brokers" and then click on "Synchronize". You will be redirected to IB's website so that you can login.

  3. Your account will be available on Finary in the next few minutes!

If you still have an account connected to Finary with the legacy integration through Plaid, you can delete it easily.

On desktop by clicking on this button:

On the mobile app by clicking the 3 dots at the top right of the account, and then clicking Delete:

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