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How to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Account?
How to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Account?

Two-factor authentication (or 2FA) is an additional layer of security for your Finary account. Here is how to enable it.

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The 2FA adds an extra level of security to your account. Here's how to activate it. Authentication takes just a few minutes. All you need is a smartphone or password manager to set it up.

Double authentication on Finary is done via a third-party application, such as Google Authenticator. This application will then provide you with the temporary code to enter each time you log on. You will not receive an SMS on your phone.

💡 Good to know: 2FA can be activated both on the mobile app or on the web version of Finary. Go to your Settings to set it up.

Setup 2FA (on Web)

Setting up 2FA is easy, all you need is your smartphone or a password manager.

  1. Head over to your Settings

  2. Click on My Account (top left) -> Security -> 2-tap authentication

  3. Scan the QR code with your 2FA application

    Not using a 2FA application yet? We recommend Authy or Google Authenticator (Android or iOS). Note that password managers like 1Password or Dashlane also manage 2FA QR codes.

  4. Enter the code displayed on your 2FA application and click on "Activate".

  5. You'll see 20 single-use recovery codes. They will allow you to connect to your account even if your smartphone is lost. Confirm that they have been copied to a safe place.

    ⚠️ These codes will only be displayed once. Finary does not have access to these codes and will not be able to provide them to you if your smartphone is lost.

  6. Congratulations, your account is now protected!

  7. You will be asked for a 2FA code the next time you log in.

Deactivate my 2FA (on Web)

You can deactivate your 2FA anytime as long as your logged.

1. Navigate to your Settings, and click on "Manage 2FA"

2. Click on "Deactivate my 2FA", and you're all set!

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