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How to add my Trade Republic account
How to add my Trade Republic account

You can connect your Trade Republic account to Finary. This feature is only available on our website right now.

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Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Investment Account Addition Page and search for Trade Republic :

  2. Enter the phone number associated with your Trade Republic account (in international format, e.g. "+33(0)612345678") & your password:


  3. Trade Republic should have sent you a notification:

    Please make sure Trade Republic is open when logging into Finary if you did not receive a notification (check your Trade Republic application's notification settings).

  4. Enter the code you received:

    Code 2FA

  5. Your account is now synchronized 🎉


    To update your positions, you must manually update your Trade Republic account. You can do this directly on the next page.

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