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How to add my Trade Republic account
How to add my Trade Republic account

You can connect your Trade Republic account to Finary. This feature is only available on our website right now.

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Due to the strong authentication required by Trade Republic, you will need to synchronise your account to update your positions. To learn more, visit this article.

Link a Trade Republic account

Follow this steps:

  1. Search Trade Republic in the search area on App or Web

  2. Enter the phone number associated with your Trade Republic account (in international format, e.g. "+33(0)612345678") & your PIN code:

  3. If the phone number and PIN code are correct, Trade Republic should have sent you a notification with a confirmation code. This notification is sent by the Trade Republic app.

    If you do not receive this code, see the section below.

  4. Enter the code you received:

  5. Your account is now synchronized 🎉

Error during the process?

Confirmation code not received

To sync your Trade Republic account to Finary, Trade Republic requires you to enter a 2FA code which they are supposed to provide to you. If you haven't received a notification, make sure:

  • the Trade Republic application is open when you launch the connection to Finary

  • notifications are activated for the Trade Republic app (check in the notification settings on your phone).

To check if the problem is with Trade Republic, go to the Trade Republic web portal and try to log in using your credentials. If you do not receive the notification either, then you will need to write to Trade Republic to tell them that you cannot log into your account on web because you are not receiving the required verification code.

Message "Something went wrong"

If you get a message like "An error has occurred" after entering your credentials, the problem may be with Trade Republic.

In that case:

  • Try to log in using your credentials

  • If this doesn't work, the problem is with Trade Republic and we recommend contacting their support to tell them that you cannot connect to their web portal.

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