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How can I generate my tax report with Waltio ?
How can I generate my tax report with Waltio ?
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What is Waltio? provides tax reports with one click. We partnered with them to make your life easier!

What benefits do I have as a Finary user and how do I apply them?

  • Everyone has 50 transactions for free at Waltio. With the promo code FINARY10, everyone will get 10% discount. When buying a new plan, just enter the promo code (not in the onboarding).

  • Finary Plus and Finary Pro users have 40€ discount with the promo code FINARY40 (this code only works for Plus and Pro users)

  • Finary Invest Platinum users have 99€ discount with the promo code FINARY99 (this code only works for Platinum users).

Where do I add the promo code?

To benefit from your discount, select the plan you want and enter the code.

How can I connect to Waltio?

If you have already a Waltio account

  1. Login to your account, click on “Add Accounts” search for “Finary” and

  2. Before clicking on connect make sure you are already logged into your Finary account.

  3. You will see a pop-up with your voucher code, click on “Go to Waltio” and you will open Waltio and your Finary account will be automatically connected.

If you don’t have an account yet

  1. Click on “Tools” on the Navigation bar on our webapp

  2. Click on “Crypto Tax Report”, click on “Go to Waltio”.

  3. You will enter the onboarding flow of Waltio after choosing your login-method (email or social login). Ignore the field with the promo code at this step.

  4. Once completed, your Finary account will be automatically synced.

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