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How does synchronization via Powens work?
How does synchronization via Powens work?

Banking data is a sensitive topic. That is why we partnered with the French market leader in this field, Powens.

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How are my identifiers stored?

Finary never has access to the identifiers of accounts* synchronized via Powens.

  • Finary cannot initiate any transactions on your account. Our access to your accounts is limited to reading (not writing).

  • We handle storage in an extremely secure manner through Powens.

  • Powens has obtained DSP2 approval which allows it to read account information from the ACPR and the Banque de France.

To learn more about the security of your data on Finary, please read our dedicated article here.

ℹ️ The list of all banks, investment platforms, and crypto available on Finary can be found here

How does the synchronization work?

You can synchronize your accounts for multiple asset classes: bank accounts, investment accounts, life insurance and even your loans.

You will be redirected to a secure window.

You can synchronise the institutions you want to connect to Finary or add it manually.

Let's click on Investment Accounts for example :

If you synchronise you account you need to find your institution.

Don't hesitate to look it up 🔍 if yours doesn't appear right away.

Once you have selected an institution, you will be redirected to a Powens window enter your login and password. Some institutions may require dual-factor authentication. In most cases, you will receive a code by SMS or you will have to perform an action in the App of your bank.

You can choose which accounts will be synchronized with Finary.

You will be able to see all the establishments you've connected via Powens. You can delete them by clicking on the 3 small dots on the right.

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