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Exclude an account from your Budget analysis
Exclude an account from your Budget analysis

Learn how to filter out an account in Budget.

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The Budget feature has been designed with enough flexibility to allow you to adapt it to your needs. One possibility available to you is to choose which accounts you want to display in your cashflow.

💡 You can also filter out specific transactions or a specific category.

There are several reasons why you might want to exclude or include an account:

  • You only want to display a certain type of accounts (checking accounts for exemple)

  • You want to focus on the expenses of a single account

  • You want to exclude different types of accounts such as shared accounts, etc...

  • A particular account has a lot of errors, thus distorting your cashflow

For this purpose, we have provided a global filter that will affect your entire analysis.

🖥️ On webapp

In the Budget section, the account filter is located in the upper part of the analysis, next to the category filter:

Note that there is no state where no account is selected; when nothing is selected, we consider all accounts.

📱 On mobile app

In the Cashflow tab, the account filter is located in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the "secret" mode.

You will open a window with all the filters, including the account filter. Once the changes are made, you just have to "Apply" them to see them appear in your cashflow.

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