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Peaks or troughs appearing on your graph and representing incorrect values? You now have the option to correct them.

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The charts on your Finary account are at the heart of your experience, be it on the mobile app or the webapp.

They evolve day by day and you may want to correct them for several reasons:

  • synchronization issues (it happens)

  • deletion of an asset added by mistake or for testing

  • deletion of an asset you no longer wish to follow

  • transfer from one institution to another creating a peak or a dip

  • management of family members

  • addition of your assets several days after creating your account

You can now clean up your chart:

  • either reset your chart completely to start from scratch

  • or erase a specific date range

⚠️ Any deletion of data points on your charts is final and irreversible. This will not delete your performance calculations.

Reset my chart

If you choose this option, your charts will start from scratch, from today.

If you want to delete the beginning of your chart up to a specific date, choose the "Delete specific dates" option.

Delete specific dates

If you simply need to erase a specific date range, we will only delete the data points in that range. The chart will be smoothed between those dates:

I want to correct my graphs


  • Go to My Account > My Data

  • Or click the button below

Mobile app

  • Coming soon

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