Delete a bank or savings account

You have control over your synchronized accounts on Finary. You want to delete a connection or deactivate a particular account?

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Delete an account on the webapp

  1. Go to "Savings Accounts" or "Investment Accounts", click on the 3 dots at the top of one of your banks, then click on "Edit".

    Edit or delete

  2. To remove the connection to an institution, click on the 3 small dots at the bottom right


  3. Confirm the deletion. 🚨 Be careful, the deletion is irreversible.

  4. Click on "Close". You will be automatically redirected to Finary.

Delete an acccount on the mobile app

Delete a manual account

  1. Get to the asset class page where you want to delete a manual account;

  2. Tap on one of the asset in the account that you want to delete;

  3. Tap on "Delete";

  4. You now need to delete all assets from this account to delete this account.

Delete a synched account

  1. Get to "Synchronized accounts";

  2. Tap on the connection that you need to delete and tap on "Edit";

  3. In the Powens interface, tap on the menu and "Supprimer la connexion";

  4. You can now close the Powens window.

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