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Investing through my business
Investing through my business
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Can I invest through my business ?

Yes, you can.

How can I setup my account ?

We need some documents prior to opening your Finary Invest account for your business.

For your business :

  • A legal entity questionnaire ;

  • A company registration confirmation (not older than 3 months) ;

  • The company By-Laws ;

  • The last audited annual statement ;

  • An ultimate beneficial owner statement ;

  • The bank details of the deposit account (Must be SEPA compliant, and from a credit institution located in the European Economic Area)

For the legal representative and beneficial owners :

  • A valid proof of identity and a selfie ;

  • A proof of address issued in the last 3 monts (can be an electricity bill, or mobile phone bill).

Please send all document by email at [email protected] with an email titled "Finary Invest B2B"

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