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I have no capital gains on my investments (n/a)
I have no capital gains on my investments (n/a)

In some cases, the "+/- value" column of your investment accounts may show N/A instead of an amount. Explanation

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Explanation of the N/A Phenomenon

The "+/- value" column is supposed to show the unrealized amount of your gain or loss. However, we display "N/A" in some cases This concerns only synchronized accounts. This is because banks or investment platforms simply do not return your average purchase price (or PRU). In this case, we simply can't calculate your appreciation and display a N/A ("not applicable").

Add a purchase price to see my capital gains

In order for us to calculate your capital gains, simply add the purchase price of the synchronized assets in question.

Click on the 3 dots at the end of the line

Indicate the purchase price and validate

Your surplus value is displayed!

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