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Add cryptocurrencies to my assets
Add cryptocurrencies to my assets

You have 3 options to add cryptocurrencies to your portfolio: connection with an exchange, wallet synchronisation, or manual addition.

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Manual addition

If you don't want to connect your crypto platforms (or if they are not yet available), you can go through the manual addition.

  1. Click on Add, accessible from all pages of your profile

  2. Select Cryptos

  3. Select Manual addition

  4. Add your cryptos. We currently offer more than 10,000 different cryptos, so you have a lot of choices!

  5. Validate the addition by clicking on "Validate". Your cryptos will now be counted in the Cryptos part of your assets.

  6. You can modify the different lines by clicking on the 3 points at the end of the line.

Synchronization of an Exchange account

Synchronization allows you to import your positions on different platforms effortlessly. Whether you are buying or selling positions, your account will always be up to date. We are currently connected to the following platforms: Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Binance, Bitstamp, FTX, Bitpanda, Just-Mining, Swissborg, and

ℹ️ The connection via API key or OAuth is perfectly secure: Finary never has access to your credentials and only has "read" access. You can revoke access to your crypto platforms at any time.

Synchronization of a Wallet

Here are the links to the articles explaining how to add an Ethereum wallet (if you use Ledger) or a Bitcoin wallet (if you use Exodus) on Finary.

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