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Bitcoin - Add an Exodus address
Bitcoin - Add an Exodus address

It's easy to add your Exodus Bitcoin to your Finary estate. Follow the guide!

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  1. Go to your Exodus desktop application and click on the Wallets icon (1) -> Bitcoin (2) -> the management menu (3) -> "Export xpub" (4).

    Export xpub Exodus

  2. An file will be downloaded. Unzip it. It contains a .txt file with your xpub key in it.

  3. On Finary, go to Add then Cryptos. You will then have the choice between different methods of adding crypto. Select Add a wallet.

  4. Name the Bitcoin address so you can find it. Then copy the key and paste it on Finary in the Address field, then validate.

  5. When the synchronization is finished, you will be able to consult your balance on the Cryptos part of "Wallet".

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