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I can't link banks anymore
I can't link banks anymore

Unlimited synchronisation is limited to Finary Plus members

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We want to offer you a quality service, independently, and ensuring that your data is safe and will never be sold. We are developing Finary in Europe with a talented team. This has a cost.

That's why unlimited synchronization of our 20,000 institutions is reserved for Finary Plus members. Without a subscription, you are limited to 3 institutions. This fair model allows beginner investors to give Finary a spin while enabling more advanced one to contribute to grow the service.

In addition to unlimited synchronization, Finary Plus gives you access to many additional features to better track your investments:

  • Fee scanner to get rid of hidden costs

  • Track your dividends (stocks, ETFs, REITs, etc.)

  • Sectoral and geographical diversification score

  • Family mode

  • VIP Customer Support

  • And much more...

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