The estimation of my property

Real estate estimation is a science. We have partnered with the European leader in the sector, Price Hubble. Thus, we give you access to a solution usually reserved for professionals such as asset managers (ex: SCPI) or real estate agents.

ℹ️ The automatic property valuation is only available in the following countries 🇫🇷France, 🇧🇪Belgium, 🇨🇭Switzerland, 🇩🇪Germany, 🇦🇹Austria and the 🇳🇱Netherlands.

⚠️ Only "Apartment" and "House" properties are supported at this time. For other types, such as buildings, automatic estimation is not available.

Get a personalized estimate

Indicate all characteristics of your property to get the most accurate estimate possible.


The PriceHubble technology lets you go to an extremely high level of detail. Provide as much information about your property as you can, and the estimate will be more accurate!

How often is my estimate updated?

The estimates are updated automatically every week. You don't have to do anything.

I would like to edit my property estimate

You think our estimate is too low or too high ? You can edit it at any time. Follow the steps here.

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