You can't find some assets in the mobile app?

That's perfectly normal because some asset classes are only addable through our website.

Assets available on our mobile app

Checking accounts: synch only (UK and US banks not available for now);

Brokerage accounts: synch only;

Savings accounts: synch only;

Real estate: buildings only;

Loans: synch only;

Life insurance: synch only;

Cryptos: exchange synch only;

Other assets

Assets available only on our website

Checking accounts: manual asset creation;

Brokerage accounts: manual asset creation;

Savings accounts: manual asset creation;

Real estate: SCPI;

Loans: manual asset creation;

Life insurance: manual asset creation;

Cryptos: BTC & ETH wallets, manual crypto creation;

Precious metals

Investment in startups and SMBs

Even if all assets classes are not addable in the mobile app, they are all readable in our mobile app. Consequently, we advise our customers to add them through our website until they are all addable directly in the mobile app.

The list of asset on our website:

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