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Step 1

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Step 2

Click on Binance

Step 3

This is where you will need to copy/paste the API key and the secret key. Please see the instructions below.

Log into your Binance account from a computer. API key management is in the right menu

Create an API key. We recommend that you name it "Finary" so you know who has access.

Verify your identity.

Check only "Allow reading " as below. Finary will never be able to place orders or withdraw funds from your account.

Copy and paste the API key and the secret key. Be careful, the secret key will be displayed only once, during the creation. If you don't copy it at that time, you will have to create a new one.

Synchronizing your account may take a few moments. If it fails, make sure you have pasted the 2 keys in the right place.

If your Binance account is synchronized, its value will be updated daily. Whether you buy or sell positions, your Finary account will always be up to date. You will not be able to delete the Binance line on Finary.
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